Creative Arts Therapy/Counselling

Wellness and Meaning Making through Connecting and Art Making.

Luke Elliot
"I meet the person and I get to know them"  Sean McNiff
Hi, my name is Luke Elliot and I am a creative arts therapist and actor with thirty years' experience in connecting and expressing through art and performance. I bring particular skills in this area to help others inquire into their lives and relationships and identify through reflection and shared experiencing, past influencial experiences and behavioural patterns that lead to self awareness, meaning making and future wellness.

By companioning with the inquirer through shared experiencing of multi-modal art making and reflection and being in the moment and connected, I hope to help the inquirer develop understanding of self and others and an awareness of how their interpersonal skills and values shape their relationships. 

The individual will identify wants, needs and values in their lives and relationships  in a hope to create
a fuller, richer, more aware, connected , healthier future. 

Experiential therapies help the inquirer take control of their lives through experiencing, reflecting and developing understanding in the moment. These moments can be built and developed over time through shared co-creative, emergent  art making and identification. 

Small discoveries that lead to big changes in health and wellbeing.

"Theraputic work, whether as therapy or in personal learning in various contexts, requires a feeling of connectedness involving respect, trust and mutuality. Friendship requires the same qualities. In the professional relationship of counselling, the MIECAT way is to be fully present as an attentive companion, to allow the other to be the specialist in her own life, and to assist her inquiry into what concerns her in her life by helping her to inquire into those experiences she wishes to understand and make sense of. This involves sharing the task of gaining access to what matters, to emotions and connected thoughts, to conflicted values, to anxieties, to seeing patterns of being, to bring what is known and not quite known into awareness, to stay with what is hard, to find what is also good, and to bring questions that draw attention to meaningful inquiry." Warren Lett.

Professional Memberships

Luke Elliot​​​​

Luke Elliot has a Masters in Therapeutic Arts Practice from MIECAT (Melbourne Institute of Experiential Creative Arts Therapy) and a Masters in Performimg Arts from the VCA (Victorian Collage of the Arts)​​.

Luke is both a member of ANZATA and ACATA and GRAT (Group of Registered Regional Art Therapists).

Luke is a registered provider with ndis. no. 4050043125 and currently holds a Mental Health First Aid and First Aid Certificate and Working With Children Check. 

Luke adheres at all times to the highest standards of ethical conduct and discretion with particular focus on respect and care within the intersubjective relational space. 

Luke works with a number of groups and associations around health and wellbeing in Geelong and Melbourne.

Luke works out of various rooms and functional environments around Geelong, Golden Plains and Melbourne.